On Making The Most Out Of Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom may seem an area that is the least important in terms of time spent and the purpose, but it is certainly the place where you feel the most relaxed and completely yourself. It is an oasis of peace where no one disturbs you and you can retreat into for some much-needed isolation from all human contact. To achieve this objective, furniture for your bathroom should be of the type that helps to make it more of a room than just a space to wash and bathe. A bathroom can be made striking with bold design and contemporary fittings, as it is usually less cluttered and very basic.

Your Bathroom Style
Bathroom furniture and fittings come in many styles, colorful, modern, traditional and contemporary chic. The finishing can be matte, glossy, polished metal or plain wood. The diverse options can range from the purely classic to the zanily contemporary and each has its own charm and character. You need to decide how you would like your bathroom to look according to the size and the trappings you would like to add for convenience or sheer delight.

The Functional Aspect
Bathroom furniture is usually functional with shelves, vanity units and medicine cabinets that provide storage space and help in a sleek, streamlined appearance. Bathroom cabinets are of various shapes and sizes, depending on whether your bathroom is a large or small one. You can store all your bottles, pots and other paraphernalia neatly and hidden away. Medicine cabinets help in keeping your medicines dry and safe from the hands of curious children.

There are vanity units that combine a cabinet and a washbasin into one single piece of furniture, giving an attractive look as well as saving space in your bathroom. Shelving is also a practical way to store your cosmetics, toiletries and other sundries. If you want a functional and yet stylish bathroom space, you need to decide where you want open shelving and where you would like cabinets and other forms of concealed storage.

What to do with a Small Bathroom
You can make a small bathroom look more spacious with the right kind of furniture. The size of the bathroom does not mean that it cannot be made to look sleek and very stylish. You just need to think carefully and opt for those items that would enhance the layout and design of your bathroom.
You can have a medicine cabinet with an attached mirror mounted above the sink that would serve a dual purpose and also save precious space. You can fit a shower/bath combination into a small bathroom as they come in many configurations and with a glass screen can help to make it look larger than it really is. A shower enclosure is also possible and there are several sizes and shapes available, to enable you to choose just the right one for your small bathroom.

The use of color can make a striking difference to the look of your bathroom; you should opt for whites and related colors as these enhance the appearance of space and also give an aura of air and light. You can use mirrors and glass to make your small bathroom look spacious, as these glossy surfaces reflect light and make a place look larger.

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